Yes, it is another new year at the Lower Machen Festival and what better way to start a new year but with a new website!

Over the years the LMF website served us well and hosted a numerous amount of artist biographies and promoted each mind-boggling festival as it came and went. Although, seeing as though we are on the brink of our 50th anniversary (did you just say 50th anniversary) Why yes I did reader! The 50th anniversary is right around the corner and we felt the website needed a little branding spring clean, which took the form of this new website.

Our main aim of our new online look was obviously to make things look pretty, but first and foremost was to give you the reader/festival-goer (what me?) Yes you, the opportunity to interact and become involved with the festival online. As the year develops all manner of competitions and blogs will be posted right here in all their glory so that the magical experiences of LMF 2014 can be viewed and loved all year round! Who said that a festival just lasts for a week anyway?

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Benjamin Frank Vaughan graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with a 1st Class Honors Degree in Music. Now he runs his own business (ben vaughan | music) and is the current festival administrator for LMF 2014